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Aluminum/ stainless steel insulation pin

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Exclusively used for fixing adiabatic materials in ducts of air-conditioner, for glass-wool and rock-wool in soundproofing works, and for the duct-lining
1) Base size: 25mmx25mm &35mmx35mm & 50mmx 50mm
2) Pin dia.: 1.70mm or  2.67mm & 3.0mm
3) Pin length: 25mm-200mm or customize
4) Self- adhesive type & Non-adhesive type

fixing insulation nail1

insulation nail6

fixing insulation nail4 

Recommended assembly method :
1.Work surfaces should be clean and dry, free of dust, grease, oil and any other loose matter.
2.Remove the protective release paper taking care not to touch the adhesive.
3.Place the hanger in the required position and press the base against the surface to be insulated

4.Insulation can be impaled immediately and firmly locked with fastening clips but maximum strength of adherence is achieved after 24 hours.





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