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Colorful Cap Nails/Plastic Cap Nails Factory

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Colorful Cap Nails/Plastic Cap Nails Factory


1.plastic cap nail material: High carbon steel


2. plastic cap nail feature:

  • Strong outer rim for increased rupture values

  • Minimizes the heat sinking effect of metal to the building materials

  • Ring shanks for additional pull out resistance

  • Installed with hand or pole hammer

  • Round head will not puncture roof membrane

  • Fast, Affordable, and Strong 

3.plastic cap nail use:

  • Roofing felt fastener

  • Base sheet fastener

  • Board insulation fastener

  • Structural sheathing fastener

  • Insulative sheathing fastener

  • Radiant barrier fastener

  • House wrap fastener

  • Vapor barrier fastener


4. plastic cap nail specification: 



Shank Length Shank Gage Head diameter
     12G*3/4''           3/4''         12G              1''
     12G*7/8''          7/8''         12G              1''
     12G*1''           1''         12G              1''
     12G*1-1/4''         1-1/4''         12G              1''
     11G*1-1/2''         1-1/2''         11G              1''
     11G*1-3/4''         1-3/4''         11G              1''
     11G*2''           2''         11G              1''
     11G*2-1/2''         2-1/2''         11G              1''
     11G*3''           3''         11G              1''




5. plastic cap nail design option:


  Shank types

 Coating types

 Container Cap  Nail material
 Annular  Grooved                             Bright


 1'' High     carbon steel

     Yellow dichromate electro  galvanized                                      

 Retail              boxes    

6. plastic cap nail pullout result:


            Average pullout resistance (lbs.)     Smooth       Annular grooved
                         1/2'' plywood       81              155
                        3/4'' plywood       99              224
                         2'' pine plank       67              190




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