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Components, Use and Characteristics of Thermal Insulation Nails

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Insulation nail is a special engineering plastic expansion nail which fixes the insulation board on the wall. Insulation nail is a special anchor for external wall insulation, which is widely used in building decoration and anchorage of wall insulation house. It consists of galvanized screw, nylon riser and fixed wafer. According to the thickness of insulation layer, it can be divided into many specifications.

Insulation nails are made of three parts: one is nylon casing; the other is galvanized steel screw in the casing; the third is nylon disc in front of the casing (used to cover insulation plate). Its length varies according to the thickness of insulation board.



Widely used in building decoration, wall insulation roof anchorage. It has the characteristics of anti-aging, anti-temperature abrupt change, anti-corrosion, cold and heat resistance, high bearing capacity, high pressure, good tensile performance, not easy to deform after loading, moisture-proof, slow vibration, and good thermal insulation. It is easy to install without special installation tools. Galvanized screw solves the corrosion problem well, has good durability, and has low heat transfer performance of nylon material, no cold bridge in winter, high efficiency and energy saving.

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