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Gypsum Board Aircraft Anchor

Gypsum Board Aircraft Anchor
Plastic or Nylon
6*30;10*30;10*50 and so on
Suit for gypsum board, hollow bricks or lightweight hollow substrate

Gypsum Board Aircraft Anchors
Suitable substrate: gypsum board, hollow bricks or lightweight hollow substrate

Applications: closets, hanging cabinets lighter, curtains slide, kick panels, electrical switches, wire ducts, lighting, cable clamps, towel racks, mirrors, soap, toilet sets and other items

Features: All hollow environment in strong expansion.

With the use of new anti-transfer technology, even in the soft wall or drill the holes in spend and do not screw with rotation.

Applicability: (gypsum board, polystyrene board, veneer, asbestos, hollow plate, solid plate), and so the wall, the curtains installed, the object fixed, cross stitch, frame, jewelry, accessories, installation art pendant the installation of a variety of functions, etc. play a good fixation.







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