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High quality expansion nail

Concrete,stone/rock,solid bricks&blocks,low density materials,hollow bricks,building blocks,board materials.
Products feature:
1. Nylon Plugs offer high strength fixing even in aerated concrete.
2. Larger sizes can be used with coach screws and penny washers.
3. Ideal for satellite dish and sanitary fittings.
4. Suitable place to use: solid brickwork, masonry, concrete or blockwork.
5. Universal applications.
6. With anti-rotation lugs.
Low cost,not rusting,corrosion resistance,aging resistance,good toughness,large load.Produce by pentagon set and the pentagon article can firmly fastened in drilling,screw.The plum flowershape design with screw in low tooth firmly together.Low environmental protection material expansion can set between(40-to+81) degrees to keep good performance.


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