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How to achieve the best use effect of insulation nails

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The appearance of thermal insulation nails is more to play a fixed role to prevent thermal insulation products from falling off on the roof, wall and other places. However, with the advancement of technology, heat preservation nails have more functions, such as heat preservation and heat insulation, moisture-proof and waterproof. These functions should also be exerted as much as possible in use, in order to not waste the production and design of these heat preservation nails.

If you want to make the heat preservation nails to achieve excellent results, naturally you must install them in accordance with the instructions for use. Insulation nails are small in size. Basically, 9-12 insulation nails are needed per square meter, but this is only under normal circumstances. If the situation is special, you need to make other plans. Such use can be regarded as true compliance with the "nature" of the insulation nail, and it will naturally make the insulation nail achieve excellent results.


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