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How to choose insulation nails?

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As an indispensable thermal insulation material in the external thermal insulation system of external walls, thermal insulation nails are welcomed by people in the domestic and foreign markets. However, what kind of magic power is there for such a small thing to capture so many hearts? What role does it play in the external insulation system of the external wall? In the complex and chaotic market, how can we buy good quality insulation nails that satisfy us?

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The role of insulation nails

Insulation nails are mainly used to fix the insulation board in the external wall insulation system. Regardless of its small size, it has many advantages. It has anti-aging, resistance to sudden temperature changes, corrosion resistance, cold and heat resistance, high bearing capacity, high pressure resistance, good tensile performance, not easy to deform after loading, moisture resistance, shock absorption, Noise absorption and good insulation characteristics, and installation is very simple and convenient.


It is precisely because it is so excellent and easy to use that it will occupy a leading position in building materials.

Judgment indicators for choosing insulation nails

Because the insulation nail is simple and easy to use, it is an indispensable insulation material, so it is very good in the domestic and foreign markets. It is precisely because of the expansion and development of the insulation nail industry that for a time, the market is full of various and uneven quality insulation nails. We may choose fake and inferior insulation nails when we are not careful. It requires us to keep our eyes open when buying and choose carefully. Next, let Ze Hengda tell you some tips for choosing insulation nails!


(1) Look at the raw materials. We all know that general plastic products are divided into high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure. The plastic used for the insulation nails is made of tough, smooth surface and slightly translucent plastic. We can judge the quality of the insulation nails based on the characteristics of this material. If the appearance of the insulation nails looks black and opaque, we can basically determine that it is a poor quality insulation nail. We must choose this kind of insulation carefully.

(2) Check the toughness by hand. Generally, good quality insulation nails have a certain degree of toughness. Even if we break them by hand, they will not break easily. If we find that the insulation nails will break as soon as they break, they are very brittle, which means that the insulation nails are likely to be Made of recycled materials, this kind of insulation nail does not meet the processing and production specifications, and we should not buy it.Insulation nail manufacturers


(3) Detect the nail core. We can judge the quality of the nail core by looking at the gloss of the galvanized surface. If the surface has a smooth, uniform and complete galvanized film, such nail cores are generally good, and we have to choose this The insulation nail!

Have you learned how to distinguish between good and bad insulation nails? For more topics, let's discuss it in the comment section!Insulation nail manufacturers

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