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How to select high-quality external wall insulation nails?

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In the external thermal insulation system of exterior wall, insulation nails are absolutely indispensable structural accessories. The quality of raw materials directly affects the product quality, and the raw materials for good expansion pipe of insulation nails are raw materials. The steel nails are galvanized anti-corrosion steel nails. Its durability and weather resistance are far superior to other similar products.


With the explosive development of the market, there are often some "disharmonious" situations in the insulation nail market. The rapid growth of the market followed, but also accompanied by frequent product quality disputes. Especially for the products of some manufacturers, there are many problems in quality control and product design, and there are also many bottlenecks in after-sales service, which has become the biggest hidden danger in the quality and safety of external wall insulation construction.


According to professional market statistics, the market share of raw and processed materials is only 10.6%, while that of recycled materials (recycled materials) is 82.3%. The price of 82.3% also varies from 8-9 cents to a few cents, and the product price is uneven. It is not uncommon to trade inferior products for high-quality ones. The manufacturer is a mixture of good and bad, and the quality of products varies.

How to select good quality products from a wide range of expanded pipes?

To judge the quality of insulation nails, start with pipe expansion. When selecting raw materials, try to select high-quality materials, so as to fundamentally ensure the quality and performance of nails. Measure the thickness of the outer diameter of the nail core with a caliper to determine the toughness of the nail core.

Conditional customers can do a pull-out test on site. There are also many testing items for insulation anchor bolts, of which the pull-out strength is a very important indicator. In order to verify whether the pull-out strength of the anchor bolt can meet the requirements, the pull-out test is usually used for testing.


How to do the pull-out test of insulation anchor bolt?

1. The strength of the insulation wall shall be inspected every 1000 square meters. If it does not reach 1000 square meters, it shall be calculated as 1000 square meters. A group of three samples shall be taken for each batch. The random sampling distance of the samples shall not be less than 500 mm.

2. For each example, lumen facing brick samples shall be pasted on the base course as plates, and a group of three facing brick bonding strength samples shall be taken for each plate.

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