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Insulating glass aluminium spacer


Best Quality HFW Aluminium Spacer Bar for Windows & Doors 


Brief Introduction


High Frequency Welding Aluminum Spacer Bar is made of aluminum alloy 3003, adopting international advanced rolling forming and high frequency welding technology. The molecular structure of raw material won’t be damaged compared with cold drawn technology. The production process is through modifying and straightening by mould. The raw material becomes a convex shape which is good for sealing . Last through the porcupine roller, it gains air vents on the wider surface so as to absorb gases inside insulating glass units.







²  High brightness, anti corrosion, anti oxidation

²  Well arranged vents, good straightness, stable, non-deformation

²  High strength & toughness, free angle bending

²  Good activity of molecular sieve, excellent adhesion to all glues

²  Connected by only one straighter, good sealing with long lifetime


Technical Requirements


²  Wall thickness: between 0.23~0.4mm (deviation +/-0.025mm)

²  Curvature: No hard or lateral bend ( except natural fall)

²  Appearance: Flat & neat surface, no bumps, wall-arranged air vents




²  Material: 3003 alloy aluminum

²  Spacer specification

  l  Height: 6.5mm

  l  Width: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm or customized

  l  Wall thickness: 0.23-0.4mm


Quality Guarantee


²  Whole production line is monitored by computer to ensure procession and stability

²  100% Well organized vents, ensure good activity of desiccant

²  Neat carton packaging, tidy appearance without twisting or exposure




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