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Insulation shooting nail/insulation fastener

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   New plastic insulation fasteners for fixed length from 20mm-220mm

New plastic insulation anchor with special nail gun for exterior insulation system insulation board fixed, has a variety of specifications. According to the insulation layer thickness, new housing insulation nail are being widely used.With high efficiency, low cost, anti-aging, anti-thermal shock, anti-corrosion, cold and heat; high pressure, good tensile properties; undeformed, moisture, slow vibration, noise absorption and sound insulation and other characteristics, with special insulation nail gun used in conjunction with greatly improved work efficiency, shorten the construction period.


ITEMTraditional insulation nailNew shooting insulation nail
Construction speed/Person100pcs/day1050pcs/day
Labor cost/NailUSD0.25/NailUSD0.0238/Nail
Average nail priceUSD0.0284USD0.084
Constuction cost0.25+0.0284=0.27840.0238+0.084=0.1078



Product Description


Name: New plastic insulation fasteners for fixed


Color: White,  Grey, Yellow, Pink, Red, Green, Black, etc


Washer dia:50mm, 60mm

Pin nail material:steel

Pin nail length:42,52,62mm



For fastening of insulation materials on:
*High strength concrete
*Interior basement walls
*Basement ceilings
*Insulation behind curtain walls
*Moisture barriers/drainage plates
*Expansion joint material



For denser insulation materials
-Rough cast head provides a key for render
-Plastic anchor reduces cold bridging compared with metal fixings
-Quick and easy to install
-Up to 5 times quicker than conventional methods
-Time and cost savings for you






















































































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