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Integral expansion and insulation nail

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    Features of plastic expansion and heat preservation nail: It is made of high strength, super toughness/PE/PP, etc. It has a self-tapping expansion structure at the tail, which can better fix the material on the wall, and the construction is convenient and quick, especially suitable for concrete. Walls and solid walls provide durability and aging resistance for long-term stability from -40 °C to + 70 °C.

     According to the thickness of the insulation layer, it is divided into various specifications. It is mainly used for fixing the thermal insulation board in the external thermal insulation system. It is suitable for all kinds of wall materials, such as concrete, solid and hollow walls. It has good thickness resistance, vibration resistance, weathering resistance, fracture resistance and firmness.

    The insulation nails produced by our factory are widely used in the insulation layer of the house. It has anti-aging, anti-temperature sudden change, anti-corrosion, cold-resistant and heat-resistant; high bearing capacity, high pressure bearing and good tensile performance; it is not easy to deform, moisture, vibration, noise absorption and good insulation after loading. Easy to install, hammering, no special installation tools required. PE/PP and other materials have low heat transfer performance, and there is no cold bridge in winter, which is energy efficient. This product is used for the fixing of external wall insulation board and is suitable for all kinds of wall materials. Strong anchoring and easy to operate.

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