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Knotted insulation nail

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[Description] Insulation nail is a special engineering plastic expansion nail that fixes the insulation board to the wall.

[Set] A thermal insulation nail consists of: a sleeve made of nylon; a galvanized steel screw inside the sleeve; a nylon disc in front of the sleeve (for gland insulation board)

[Size] 8-60 80-80 80-100 80-120 80-140

[Packaging] about 2000 / bag

[Features] It has anti-aging, anti-temperature sudden change, anti-corrosion, cold-resistant and heat-resistant; high bearing capacity, high pressure bearing and tensile performance; it is not easy to deform, moisture, vibration, noise absorption and good insulation after loading. Features, easy to install. The galvanized screw solves the corrosion problem well, has good durability, and has low heat transfer performance of nylon material. There is no cold bridge in winter, which is energy efficient.

[Use] Widely used in the anchoring of wall insulation houses.

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