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  • Nov
    [News] What is the effect of the use of insulation nails

    The listing of insulation nails has been widely recognized and used in the construction industry. Of course, it has brought us a lot of convenience. These are very widely reflected in life and work. The characteristics and benefits of insulation nails are very many. It can help us use it better, and

  • Nov
    [News] Insulation nails are indispensable in insulation engineering

    The function of insulation nails is equivalent to a special adhesive. We all know that the quality of insulation projects has a lot to do with the fixing of insulation boards. Therefore, the use of high-quality fixing nails can ensure good fixation between the board and the wall. Quality is guarante

  • Jan
    [News] 13*30mm Nylon plastic aircraft expansion tube / expansion plug / gypsum board bulge

    insulation nail expantion nail shooting fastener split insulating nail insulation pin Aircraft expansion plug

  • Oct
    [News] Aircraft expansion plug /wall plug

    Aircraft expansion plug /wall plug

  • Sep
    [News] Increased demand for external wall insulation nail products used in daily life products

    Our factory is Langfang Rongfeng Plastic Products Co., Ltd., which brings a variety of products that are convenient to use in people's lives. What do you know about the exterior wall insulation nail products in production? External wall insulation nails bring convenient products to help people in t

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