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Plaster board plastic wall plug anchor fish screws butterfly drywall anchor

This is a plastic expansion tube that is mainly used on relatively loose boards such as gypsum board and fiberboard to firmly fix objects.
  • RF-PWA3030
  • RongFeng
Inner nail:


 We also produce heat preservation nail, Insulation fastener, expansion screw, wall plug, gas nail, factory direct, price
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In our factory workshop, we have 15-lines production machine who is producing insulation fastener. And about 40,000 pieces production can be produced for a machine-line per day. So we can guarantee the delivery time very fast.

So if you need some special products, give us your darwing or tell us, we can also help you producing them.

Our Advantages

A. Speed up the construction rate more than 10 times than using traditional, External Wall Insulation Fixing.
B. Air mechanics,high efficiency, safe and reliable, economy, environmental friendly.
C. External Wall Insulation Fixing are suitable for any environments, lowest damage to benzene boards.
D. Compact-tructure, convenient to assemble, easy to maintain.
E. External Wall Insulation Fixing can be continuous use.



Box or PVC bag, carton + pallet.

Note: we have stock,we can ship immediately after placing your order. If you want to customize the packaging, please contact our customer service. About the price, if a large volume of orders, you can contact our customer service about the price and delivery time.

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