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Red cap

1. When buildings’ external thermal insulation system need reinforcement ,  little Red Cap insulation nails can be used
2. Too much wind or building wind tunnel and other important parts need fastened with Red Riding Cap insulation nails
3. High-rise, rise building and normal construction outer corner nodes need fastened with Red Cap insulation nails
4. When the insulation Board  in the exterior insulation system is XPS, need Red cap insulation nails.
The product produced by our factory improved on the basis of the original details, which increases the nail bonding strength between the pipe and the wall, and changed the original appearance and mechanical properties of nylon Wick, on the whole, more rational, more mature.
1, Made of high quality fine becomes modified engineering plastics
2, Good weather resistance and aging resistance, at-40 ° c to + 70 degrees Celsius temperature and long-term stability
3, Shock-resistant, weather-resistance and fracture-resistant, stable and durable
4, Hammer tapping, the construction is convenient, fast, economical, safe.
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