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Welding process of air duct insulation nail stud

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The application of air duct insulation stud welding technology is a gradually rising construction method in recent years, mainly used in the air duct insulation layer fixed.

(I) Its advantages:

1. It can improve production efficiency.

2. Reduce production links and improve design process.

3. Reduce the cost of production (labor, material, power and energy), high welding intensity, no deformation of the workpiece and various positions can be convenient for welding.

4. Easy to operate, and the operation process is simple, easy to learn and easy to meet.

(two) the operation process and principle: it is mainly the use of capacitive energy storage stud welding machine capacitor energy storage discharge stud welding machine capacitor arc principle, instantaneous bolt or the corresponding screw and the workpiece surface melting, with a certain pressure, firmly welded on the workpiece. Can replace riveting, drilling, welding, grinding and other stud fixing methods, welding time is only 3-6 milliseconds, can be welded to the thickness of 0.4-3 mm thin plate, will not cause deformation, discoloration or burn through, will not damage the paint or coating on the back of the welding workpiece

(three) the difference between insulation stud welding technology and air duct ordinary insulation technology insulation stud welding technology and glue bonding insulation nail process, is two different sequence of process. The common insulation technology of the air duct is mainly the glue bonding process of the insulation nail. The glue bonding process of the insulation nail is to fix the insulation nail first, and then press the insulation material. The heat preservation stud welding process is to lay the heat preservation material first, and then fix it with nails.

Compared with the thermal insulation nail bonding process, the thermal insulation nail welding process has the following characteristics:

1. Reduce the process: because it is a welding thermal insulation nail, so there is no requirement for the surface cleanliness of the ventilator, so the cleaning process is removed.

2. Save time: the welder can weld up to 20 thermal insulation nails per minute, and it is fixed by welding on the side of the pavement with thermal insulation cotton, unlike the glue bonding thermal insulation nails need solidification time.

3. Firm and reliable: once the welding is completed, the insulation nail will never fall off naturally, thus effectively ensuring the construction quality.

4. No shape limit: welding on the ventilator of any shape can guarantee the construction quality, especially in the construction of the circular ventilator can reflect the incomparable advantages.

5. No seasonal restriction: the welding construction of thermal insulation nails is not limited by the temperature of the construction site. The welding in winter and at any temperature will not affect the welding quality.

6 safety construction: due to the adoption of the pavement while fixed one-time installation completed the construction method, so it reduces the time and times of the construction personnel working in the sky, so that the construction becomes more safe.

7. No pollution: during and after the construction, the process will not produce any pollution, more in line with the requirements of modern society.

Two, can repair the part of the bonded thermal insulation nail that falls off due to the bonding is not strong. Early 2nd ventilation heat preservation engineering construction using the glue adhesive heat preservation nail technology, during the late rob work, because the professional, between cross operation, serious damage to the duct insulation, causing massive loss, but because of the decorative surface basic has been completed, there is no way to use the glue adhesive heat preservation nail technology rework to construction, finally is the insulation of stud welding technology of snail through adornment grille hole below, complete the repair on thermal insulation layer, and achieved good results.

Display of types of welding thermal insulation nails:

Air conditioning insulation nail.



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