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What are the advantages of insulation nails

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What are the advantages of insulation nails? The manufacturer of insulation nails

1. The advantage of heat preservation nails is that they are widely used in all kinds of public buildings and residential buildings, no matter in cold regions in the north or hot regions in the south. It is not only applicable to the new exterior wall thermal insulation decoration, but also applicable to the energy-saving transformation of old buildings.

2. It has good thermal insulation effect and is often used to fix the thermal insulation board during construction. Since the insulation nail itself has the insulation function, it will not affect the insulation effect of the insulation board.

3. It has strong corrosion resistance, and can be used to ensure the safety of buildings, thus extending the life of buildings.

4. The insulation nails also have different degrees of fire protection functions, and have good flame retardancy, which can be used to reduce the fire hazards in the application process.

5. The heat preservation nail also has good pressure bearing capacity and is not easy to deform during application. It can be fixed according to different materials to meet various use scenarios.

6. No special installation tools are required in the installation process, and the installation method is simple. Anchoring can be carried out according to the thickness of insulation board or wall insulation house.


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