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What is insulation nail? Hurry up and collect this heat preservation nail strategy!

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We often use a kind of insulation nail during decoration, have you seen it? It is a new type of necessary building material, so what is its main function? What are the advantages?


What is insulation nail

The heat preservation nail is a rubber expansion nail specially used to fix the heat preservation and heat insulation board on the wall.

According to the different requirements of heat insulation, it is divided into various models. Its composition is also very simple. It mainly consists of three parts, which are composed of hot-dip galvanized screws, polyester expansion tubes, and fixed discs.

Because it is used for heat insulation, corrosion resistance is the basic function it should have. At the same time, it has a high degree of low temperature and high temperature resistance. It can withstand high-intensity pressure, resist dramatic changes in temperature, and is not prone to changes in form after use. It can also have the effect of waterproofing and cushioning.


Application of insulation nails

Insulation nails are a new type of building material, which are generally widely used in building decoration, mainly distributed on the anchoring surface of the insulation layer of the wall.

Because the insulation nail itself is small and flexible, no special installation tools are needed when installing it, and it is convenient to carry and easy to install during decoration.

Precautions for insulation nails

Insulation nails are generally used on external walls. We should pay attention to some details during the construction process to avoid unnecessary losses.

First of all, before construction, we can roughly determine the number of insulation nails used according to the area of the wall, and at the same time determine the type of insulation nails required according to different wall characteristics and different usage requirements. It can speed up the progress of our construction, avoid unnecessary losses and reduce the cost of decoration.


That's it for today's knowledge sharing about insulation nails! For more questions about insulation nails, you can discuss them together in the comment section!

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