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  • Aug
    [Company Profile] LangFang RongFeng Plastic Products.

    LangFang RongFeng Plastic Products.

  • Jan
    The function of insulation nail in insulation board

    Insulation nail in the insulation board mainly plays a fixed role, in the house we live in almost all have insulation nail. It is widely used in the construction industry, and its application effect is also very good. The main reason it works so well is because of its performance advantages.The anti

  • Jan
    Welding process of air duct insulation nail stud

    Welding process of air duct insulation nail studThe application of air duct insulation stud welding technology is a gradually rising construction method in recent years, mainly used in the air duct insulation layer fixed.(I) Its advantages:1. It can improve production efficiency.2. Reduce production

  • Dec
    Popular external wall insulation nails service life in a number of areas

    Our factory is Langfang Plastic Products Co., LTD., which brings people convenience to use exterior wall insulation nails in their daily life. We look forward to your communication and exchange with our factory. Rongfeng plastic to life to bring good effect of external wall insulation nail products.

  • Dec
    Popular exterior wall insulation nail products convenient use in many fields

    Langfang Rongfeng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. brings quality assurance external wall insulation nail products to our daily life. If you want to know more about external wall insulation nail products, you can call the manufacturer hotline for communication and exchange. For every customer to bring

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