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Self-adhesive for wall

If you want to know more about the Self-adhesive for wall, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Self-adhesive for wall industry. More news about Self-adhesive for wall, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Self-adhesive for wall information!
  • Sep
    [News] The use of external wall insulation nails in life is gradually increasing

    Our manufacturer is Langfang Rongfeng Plastic Products Co., Ltd., which brings convenient help and use in life. If you want to know about the various product information of external wall insulation nail products, you can consult and communicate with our manufacturer, which will bring convenience to

  • Apr
    [News] Widely used external wall insulation nail products to integrate into life

    Our factory is a manufacturer of exterior wall insulation nails, which brings convenient product use help to people's lives, and exterior wall insulation nail products bring convenient help in many aspects to product use. External wall insulation nails bring many aspects of products to people's li

  • Aug
    [News] Factory Outlet, wholesale exterior wall insulation nails!

    It is mainly used to fix the insulation board in the external wall insulation system. It is suitable for all kinds of wall materials, such as concrete, solid and hollow walls. It has good thickness resistance, vibration resistance, weathering resistance, fracture resistance, and durability. The ins

  • Oct
    [News] Aircraft expansion plug /wall plug

    Aircraft expansion plug /wall plug

  • Oct
    [News] Have you ever understood the insulation nail

    Insulation nail is a special engineering plastic expansion nail that fixes the insulation board on the wall. Insulation nails are special anchors for external wall insulation, which are widely used in building decoration and anchoring of wall insulation houses. Composed of galvanized screws, nylon e

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