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insulation anchor

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  • Aug
    [Company Profile] LangFang RongFeng Plastic Products.

    LangFang RongFeng Plastic Products.

  • Nov
    [News] What are the advantages of insulation nails

    What are the advantages of insulation nails? The manufacturer of insulation nails1. The advantage of heat preservation nails is that they are widely used in all kinds of public buildings and residential buildings, no matter in cold regions in the north or hot regions in the south. It is not only app

  • Nov
    [News] How to select high-quality external wall insulation nails?

    In the external thermal insulation system of exterior wall, insulation nails are absolutely indispensable structural accessories. The quality of raw materials directly affects the product quality, and the raw materials for good expansion pipe of insulation nails are raw materials. The steel nails ar

  • Nov
    [News] What is the effect of the use of insulation nails

    The listing of insulation nails has been widely recognized and used in the construction industry. Of course, it has brought us a lot of convenience. These are very widely reflected in life and work. The characteristics and benefits of insulation nails are very many. It can help us use it better, and

  • Oct
    [News] Aircraft expansion plug /wall plug

    Aircraft expansion plug /wall plug

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